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Celebration of Alun Howkins’ Life and Works

  • Event date: 25/04/2019
  • Venue: Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, WC1H OPD

Maritime Animals: Telling stories of animals at sea

  • Event date: 26/04/2019 – 27/04/2019
  • Venue: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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Domestic production and work in poor British homes, c. 1650-1850

  • Event date: 12/09/2019
  • Venue: University of Derby
  • CFP Deadline: 30/04/2019

Waste not, Want not: Food and thrift from antiquity to the present

  • Event date: 12/09/2019 – 13/09/2019
  • Venue: University of Cambridge
  • CFP Deadline: 31/05/2019

Urban History Group Conference 2019 – Voices of the City: People, Identity and Place 1600 to the present

  • Event date: 04/04/2019 – 05/04/2019
  • Venue: Queens University, Belfast
  • CFP Deadline: 19/10/2019

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Why was it such a challenge to get young people vaccinated against polio in the 1950s? @sexhistorian writes for o…

01:22 PM - 23 Apr 2019

RT @beckyfh: Recalling a worse loss to fire than Notre Dame: remember the destruction of Brazil’s National Museum? Catch up with the curato…

08:24 AM - 23 Apr 2019

RT @OralHistorySoc: Are you #Jewish with antecedents from the Iberian Peninsula, the Ottoman Empire, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle Ea…

08:23 AM - 23 Apr 2019

RT @ankahajkova: Proud beyond words on Jo-Ann Owusu’s essay on menstruation in the Holocaust in @HistoryToday. Based on her BA dissertation…

08:23 AM - 23 Apr 2019

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