Criminalising Violent Pasts: Multiple Roots and Forgotten Pathways 1950s-2010s

  • Event date: 15/11/2018 – 16/11/2018
  • Venue: London South Bank University
  • CFP Deadline: 31/05/2018

Over the last half century, discourses and practices connected to the idea that violent or dictatorial pasts should be marked as criminal have proliferated. A variety of actors – from victims groups to social movements, to expert groups such as lawyers, museums specialists and even economists – have contributed to the emergence and circulation of … Continued

Motherhood, Loss and the First World War

  • Event date: 05/09/2018 – 06/09/2018
  • Venue: Institute of Historical Research, London
  • CFP Deadline: 31/05/2018

The extraordinary death tolls suffered on the fighting fronts of the First World War gave rise to devastating and unprecedented levels of loss for individuals and communities across Europe and the wider world. Indeed, bereavement became so widespread during the conflict that it can rightly be regarded as one of the defining experiences of the … Continued

Women’s Suffrage and Beyond: Local, National and International Contexts

  • Event date: 04/10/2018 – 05/10/2018
  • Venue: Weston Library, University of Oxford
  • CFP Deadline: 01/06/2018

  Organised by Women in the Humanities, Alexandra Hughes-Johnson and Lyndsey Jenkins; University of Oxford.   The demand for women’s suffrage posed one of the greatest threats to the British constitution since 1832. It galvanised women from all classes and religious backgrounds across the United Kingdom and beyond, and it represented the most sustained episode … Continued

From “Old Corruption” to the New Corruption? Public Life and Public Service in Britain, c. 1780–1940

  • Event date: 24/01/2019 – 25/01/2019
  • Venue: Oxford Brookes University
  • CFP Deadline: 27/07/2018

The aim of the conference is to encourage a more integrated approach to the study and conceptualisation of political and administrative corruption during the period when Britain became a mass democracy and open up new historical perspectives through which we might better grasp the present. Papers (of 20 mins in length) might include discussion of, … Continued

Exploring Identity Building: Marketing History as an Instrument of Transformation

  • Event date: 16/05/2019 – 19/05/2019
  • Venue: Westin Hotel, Ottawa, Canada
  • CFP Deadline: 26/08/2018

19th Biennial Conference on Historical Analysis and Research in Marketing (CHARM) and 4th Doctoral Workshop on Historical Methods in Marketing Scholarship We invite marketing, advertising, business, social science, and humanities scholars from all backgrounds to join with our hosts from Carleton University at the Westin Hotel, Ottawa for a friendly, collegial, and interdisciplinary research conference. We call on scholars from … Continued

Africa in Global Intellectual History

  • Event date: 24/11/2018 – 25/11/2018
  • Venue: Freie Universität, Berlin
  • CFP Deadline: 31/08/2018

From Plato to Zizek, the study of intellectual history is overwhelmingly confined to the on-going conversation within the Western canon. This narrative is arbitrary if not wilfully exclusionary. No region of the world has been so totally marginalized from this history as much as Africa. The aim of this conference, therefore, is to adopt an … Continued

Movable Goods and Immovable Property: Gender, Law and Material Culture in Early Modern Europe (1450-1850)

  • Event date: 19/07/2018 – 21/07/2018
  • Venue: German Historical Institute, London
  • CFP Deadline: 15/10/2018

9th Conference of the European network “Gender Differences in the History of European Legal Cultures” Conveners: Annette Cremer (Gießen), Hannes Ziegler (London) Keynotes will be presented by: Amy Erickson (Cambridge) and Margareth Lanzinger (Wien)   The history of material cultures offers important new ways of studying the significance of gender differences in the history of … Continued