Network for BME Historians

The Social History Society has set up a network for Black and minority ethnic (BME) historians. It has been launched in recognition of the under-representation, structural inequalities and racism afflicting UK Higher Education Institutions.

Our initiative follows the plenary panel on ‘History and Diversity’ held at our 2018 annual conference, which discussed some of the difficulties facing BME historians in the UK.

The network will initially operate through a mailing list that will allow members to discuss emerging issues, share experiences and find support.

Anyone who self-identifies as belonging to a BME group is welcome to join. It is open to professional historians, independent scholars, retired staff and students alike. Members do not need to be members of the Social History Society.

Following common usage, by “BME” we are referring to non-White people who are descended, through one or both parents, from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia (the Middle-East to the Pacific Islands), Australasia or Latin America.

If you would like to join the Social History Society BME Network, please send an email to: