Call for Papers

Our annual conference will be taking place online, over two weeks from 28 June-9 July 2021.

The conference has been deliberately designed for online delivery. Instead of replicating a physical event via Zoom, we have spread the event over a longer time frame to allow speakers and audience to dip in and out without fear of missing papers. The programme will also include 15 minute papers to foreground discussion and avoid Zoom fatigue! This builds on the successful model that we used in 2020.

The conference is centred on our eight thematic strands, which range across time and space. Each strand will be allocated a day of the conference allowing for focused discussion of key themes.

The programme will contain new speakers alongside those who were due to attend our cancelled 2020 conference. This call for papers is targeted at two strands where there are currently a limited number of spaces available in the programme: ‘Diversity, Minorities and Others’ and ‘Environment, Spaces and Places’.

  • ‘Diversity, Minorities and Others’ considers how the experience of minorities – broadly defined – have changed over time and space. It asks how historical research engages with and represent minorities and questions the ways that history curricula can be decolonized. Click here to find out more.
  • ‘Environment, Spaces and Places’ embraces work on the role of different environments and the movement and exchange of people, materials and ideas across spaces. This spans landscapes and seascapes, towns cities and villages, heritage and memory sites, and more. Click here to find out more.

If you would like to present a 15 minute paper as part of either strand, please contact before midnight on Friday 9 April.

Your email should include an indicative title, a short abstract (anything around 100-200 words is fine), identify which strand the paper would fall in, and give any affiliations.

All speakers should be members of the Social History Society, but this call is open to would-be as well as current members. Annual membership starts at £15 and includes a range of benefits. Click here to find out more.