Chartism Day 2022

Malcolm Chase speaks at a Kennington Chartist Project public meeting, 28 April 2018.
Photo: Stefan Szczelkun

The Social History Society are proud to be supporting the Society for the Study of Labour History’s Chartism Day, which returns in March 2022 after an enforced absence of two years. This year’s event is to be a memorial to Malcolm Chase, who died in February 2020. Malcolm was a great historian of Chartism, a stalwart of both societies, and a central figure at Chartism Days.

This year’s event takes place at the University of Leeds, on 19 March 2022.

Leeds is a fitting venue for the event as it was where Malcolm spent much of his academic career, as Reader in Labour History and Head of the School of Continuing Education, moving to the School of History in 2005 and subsequently becoming Professor of Social History.

The city also played a significant part in Chartism. The Northern Star newspaper, though originally launched in Barnsley, moved shortly thereafter to Leeds in 1837 and remained there until 1844. At that time its masthead proclaimed it to be the Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser.

The programme and registration details will be published soon,