Cuts to history programmes at the University of Chichester

The Social History Society deeply regrets the recent announcement by the University of Chichester to suspend recruitment to two important history programmes, the unique MRes in the History of Africa and the African Diaspora and the BA Modern History.

In axing these programmes, the University of Chichester has placed two highly respected historians and engaged higher education teachers at risk of redundancy: Professor Hakim Adi and Dr Dion Georgiou. Both Professor Adi and Dr Georgiou deliver globally oriented teaching, drawing their own diasporic backgrounds to do so.

The Social History Society stands in solidarity with colleagues at the University of Chichester affected by these proposed cuts. We see this decision as yet another worrying sign of the devaluing of the historical profession and the arts and humanities in general. We call on our member to add their voices to the campaign to prevent the closure of these degrees.

You can sign the two petitions set up in protest here:

Petition · Stop University of Chichester’s axing of the MRes History of Africa & the African Diaspora ·

Petition · Stop the axing of the Modern History at the University of Chichester and staff redundancy ·