The Social History Society is a democratic association. SHS members elect which amongst them should serve as Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer and as ordinary members of the executive committee. That committee appoints the honorary president and vice-presidents as well as a number of other roles.

If you are interested in standing for the committee or one of the officer roles, please see our constitution and contact our Administrative Secretary, Dr Philip Booth, at

Pamela Cox


Pat Thane

Honorary President

Harold Perkin


Asa Briggs

Founding President

Eric Evans

Honorary Vice-President

Catherine Hall

Honorary Vice-President

Penny Summerfield

Honorary Vice-President

Keith Wrightson

Honorary Vice-President

Profile picture of Georgina Brewis

Georgina Brewis

Honorary Secretary

Sarah Flew


Henry Irving

Communications Officer

George Gosling

Exchange Editor

Philip Booth

Administrative Secretary

Cara Dobbing

PG Representative

Profile picture of Laura Sefton

Laura Sefton

PG Representative

Nicole Robertson

EHS Representative

David Nash

C&SH Representative

Henrice Altink

Committee member

Rachel Bright

Committee member

Daniel Grey

Committee member

Karen Hunt

Committee member

Corinna Peniston-Bird

Committee Member

Helen Rogers

Committee member

Jonathan Saha

Committee member

Naomi Tadmor

Committee member

Andrew Walker

Committee member