Associate Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Philip Booth was awarded his PhD from Lancaster University in 2017 for his thesis on Latin Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the early thirteenth century. He teaches medieval history, including at Manchester Metropolitan University, and works as the Social History Society’s Administrative Secretary on Fridays. He can be contacted here.

His principal research interests lie in the areas of travel and religious cultures in the High Middle Ages (1000-1300). This combined interest manifests itself primarily in a fascination with pilgrimage, specifically Christian Holy Land pilgrimage, but also more generally the expansion of European travel in the thirteenth century to places such as the Middle East, Inner Asia and China. As well as preparing his thesis for publication, Philip is working on projects relating to contemporary Mormon pilgrimage to the Holy Land and a multi-devotional comparative study of medieval Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish pilgrimage practices.

Key Publications