Senior Lecturer in Gender and Cultural History, Lancaster University

Corinna is a social and cultural historian, with particular interests in gender roles and the cultural circuit.

Her publications focus on aspects of British wartime experience which are marginalised, if not forgotten. This includes work on women in the Home Guard, the flouting of the combat taboo during the Second World War, and civilian masculinities during wartime. Her other interests lie in Central Europe in the interwar period, in particular, the First Republic of Austria and the intertwining of national identity and tourism.

Her interest in untraditional source materials is reflected in her co-edited volume History Beyond the Text, in which she wrote on oral history. Corinna is currently preparing a second volume addressing the spatial turn.

Alongside her research, Corinna is active in outreach and impact, working with community partners to explore the experiences of war in the North West.

In 2003, she was awarded the Sir Alastair Pilkington Teaching Award at Lancaster University and, in 2004, received a National Award for History Teaching in Higher Education. She currently serves as Director of Postgraduate Studies in her department and is dedicated to the promotion of early career researchers.

Key Publications