Vice Principal, Rose Bruford College for Theatre & Performance 

Andrew has been involved in higher education either as a student or member of staff for over thirty years. He has studied at the University of Manchester, where he undertook a degree in History and then at the University of Sheffield where he undertook a MA in Local History, Literature and Cultural Tradition and subsequently completed a doctorate. He taught for many years at the University of Lincoln, where latterly he was head of the Lincoln School of Humanities and Performing Arts.

Andrew has longstanding interests in learning and teaching in higher education, particularly student engagement. He has been actively involved in community theatre. Andrew’s research interests, focussed particularly on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, include local and regional identities and their popular articulation through customary activities.

He is actively involved in several local history and heritage-based projects, many of them with a Lincolnshire emphasis. Andrew is an editorial board member of the International Journal of Regional and Local History and has long been an active member of the Social History Society.

Key Publications