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Conference Strands

Our 2018 conference will be organised into eight strands.

Global Day of Action for Right to Health in Kenya

Social Action, Social Justice & Humanitarianism

For this conference, we’ll be having this special strand exploring how languages, meanings and practices of social action, social justice and humanitarianism changed over time.

Family portrait

Life Cycles, Families & Communities

This strand traces the manifestations of life cycles, families and communities, key elements of everyday life, across time and space.

Chartists on Kennington Common

Politics, Policy & Citizenship

This strand explores the role of groups and individuals in the development of political cultures and their impact on the formulation and application of policy.

Medieval Travel

Global, Local & Transnational

This strand explores different kinds of spaces and places, from the local to the global, and the many connections between them.

Manchu ladies in Peking

Diversity, Minorities & "Others"

This new strand will explore the ways in which the experiences of minorities – broadly defined – have changed over time and space.

Laughter and pain, c.1760

Self, Senses & Emotions

This strand explores the history of selfhood, emotions and/or sensory experience, taking a social, cultural, scientific/medical, political, or legal perspective.

Schondoch's Story of the Queen of France, c.1424-35

Economies, Cultures & Consumption

This strand explores the relationship between markets and societies from the Middle Ages to the present.

Criminally insane in Bellevue Hospital, New York c.1890

Deviance, Inclusion & Exclusion

This strand explores responses to that which is considered errant or dangerous to the societies in which they occur.