The Social History Exchange welcomes offers to contribute from all those engaged in social history, in all its forms. If you would like to contribute to one of our blogs, you are welcome to contact the relevant exchange editor to discuss your idea. Details of each exchange editor can be found here.  If you are unsure about who to approach, you can contact the general editor at

Contributions should:

  • usually be between 500 and 1,000 words in length;
  • be written for as wide a readership as possible (conversational in style, free from jargon, explaining key events, people and theories and assuming little background knowledge);
  • use hyperlinks instead of academic references where appropriate;
  • avoid any offensive, discriminatory or derogatory language (if it important to quote such language from historical sources then it should always be clear it is a direct quotation and different language elsewhere in the piece).

At least one image accompanies each post. If contributions are not accompanied by at least one image with no copyright issues for its use, then the exchange editor will select an image.

The editors reserve the right to reject publication at any stage, to ask for revisions or to make minor editorial corrections before posting. They are happy to discuss ideas for contributions.


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