The Social History Exchange is a digital forum that continues the discussions of our annual conference all year round.

It consists of three blogs. One showcases and reflects on the latest in social and cultural history research. Another discusses experiences of learning and teaching social history. And a third considers social history beyond the academy.

Alternatively, you can browse for blogs based on New Books or Cultural and Social History articles.

The Exchange is edited by a team of bloggers. Louise Bell is working on a PhD investigating British state provision of prostheses in the two world wars. She is based at the University of Leeds, but also works with the Glasgow Women’s Library and NHS at 70 Oral History Project. Stephanie Brown is writing a PhD on the role of gender in the prosecution of violent crime in late medieval Yorkshire and runs the ‘Doing History in Public’ blog at Cambridge University. Henry Irving is a Senior Lecturer in Public History at Leeds Beckett University and a historian of mid-twentieth century Britain. He is overall editor for the Exchange. Lena Liapi is a Lecturer in Early Modern History at Keele University. She is cultural and social historian of the early modern period, specialising in crime, fame, and cultures of communication. Edda Nicolson is working on a PhD on the General Federation of Trade Unions (1899-c.1950), and is more broadly interested in print, protest and activism within working class communities during the interwar period.

You can read the latest posts by clicking on any of the links below. If you’d like to contribute, please see our contributor guidelines and contact the relevant exchange editors.

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Community Exchange

Our Community Exchange aims to foster links across history-making spaces—from museums and archives, streets and groups, stage and screen—and to open up dialogue between the many different audiences for social history. We welcome contributions showcasing public history events, as well as think pieces on community history, co-production, or how scholarship can be transformed by conversations beyond the academy.

Editor: Louise Bell and Stephanie Emma Brown


Teaching Exchange

The Social History Society is not only concerned with historical research and writing. Learning and teaching are also central to the social and cultural history scholarship we seek to encourage and promote. This exchange provides a space to discuss developments and experiences relating to social history education, principally at university level.

Editor: Henry Irving


Research Exchange

Research is at the heart of what we do as social and cultural historians - it underpins everything, including teaching and public engagement. The Research Exchange not only welcomes contributions that showcase the findings of specific research projects and publications, but also those thinking about the experiences and ideas generated by doing research.

Editor: Edda Nicolson and Lena Liapi