Postgraduate and early career scholars are repre

sented on the executive committee of the Social History Society by two representatives. One is elected each year for a two year term.

2019-21: Katrina Moseley

Katrina is a PhD researcher at the University Cambridge and won our 2019 Postgraduate Prize.

Her doctoral research investigates changing attitudes towards food and body weight in post-war Britain (c. 1954­–1990). Ranging across the subjects of domestic food work, family eating patterns, weight management, and social and health inequality, it asks how a variety of historical ideas might be traced out through the landscape of food consumption and food concern.

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2020-22: Edda Nicolson

Edda is a PhD researcher at the University of Wolverhampton and is an editor of the Social History Society Exchange.

Her thesis is on the General Federation of Trade Unions, and argues that emotions play a central role in the cultural structures of British trade union organisations. Her work looks at key elements of the labour movement through the lens of the GFTU, and so explores the challenges that women faced within trade unionism, how trade union publications portrayed workers’ movements in other countries, and how trade unions managed the economic requirements of industrial action. The growth of the movement was both created by and buoyed with an emotional language of class, based on fear of economic deprivation and hope for social prosperity.

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