The Postgraduate Exchange prize is not running in 2024.

From 2020-2023, it was awarded to the best blog from a postgraduate member of the Social History Society.

Previous winners include Kate Brooks in 2020 for the blog ‘Making a Stand With Mary: Precarious Employment in Pandemic Times’, Grace Whorrall-Campbell in 2021 for the blog ‘Breaking down from the ‘double load’: women workers’ mental health in 1940s England’ and Beckie Rutherford in 2022 for the blog ‘We moved together, we breathed together’: disabled women on stage in 1980s Britain’.

In 2023, we are asking for  submissions that relate to our conference keynote on ‘The Terms of Belonging in Late Medieval Cities’ (which can include blogs that consider belonging and space beyond the medieval period). The content may be targeted to fit any of our three Exchange blogs but must show a clear link to the overarching theme.

The blog posts will be judged by committee and the winner will be awarded a £200 cash prize (with a £100 prize for the runner up). All entrants will be considered for publication on our blog.

This prize is open to all postgraduate members of the Society.

If you would like to enter a blog, you will need to email the entry to the Social History Society Administrator ( by midnight on **Friday 31 March 2023**.

Here are a few words of advice from the judges:

  • Our bloggers adopt a range of different approaches and we do not prescribe a single style
  • Your blog should be approximately 1,000 words in length and must include at least one image suitable for publication
  • Your blog should be written for as wide a readership as possible (assume an educated, non-specialist audience, who are interested in what you have to say but have little background knowledge)
  • Use hyperlinks to other work rather than formal references
  • You should include a brief bio at the end
  • Take a look at some existing examples and our contributor guidelines for more information.