5th Folklore Society – Royal Anthropological Institute join seminar: Africa

Event Details

  • Event date: 29/05/2020
  • Venue: Royal Anthropological Institute. 50 Fitzroy Street London  W1T 5BT
  • CFP Deadline: 07/12/2019

This one-day symposium will explore ethnographic and folkloric issues, modern and historic, focussed on the continent of Africa.  ‘Africa’ is to be understood in its broadest sense encompassing the societies and cultures which spread from the Mediterranean north to the Cape in the south.  We welcome papers that explore juxtapositions of folklore and ethnography, whether considered in terms of contemporary or historical practice.  Such papers, for example, might consider the way that anthropologists have engaged with folklore (such as Evans-Pritchard, or Westermarck), or the way that folklorists have developed wider understandings of African society.


Anyone wishing to submit a proposal should write a 200-word proposal including paper title,  author’s name and contact details.  The proposal should
be submitted to Prof. James H. Grayson of The Folklore Society at j.h.grayson@sheffield.ac.uk by Friday 12 July, 2019 by 5 PM.


Paper proposers will be notified by the end of July if their proposal has been accepted.


There is no conference fee, and refreshments will provided on the day.