London African History Through Representations In The Capital

Event Details

  • Event date: 31/05/2021 – 31/05/2021
  • Venue: Online - Zoom
Video + post-screening discussion learning forum
Discover London’s millennium+ African history & representations

One of the tenets of the African Jubilee Year Declaration called for the promotion of positive imagery, achievements and contributions of Africans at home and abroad, including naming buildings, parks, monuments and streets after notable Africans. This is part of the programme from which Black History Month was lanched in London in 1987.

History consultant Kwaku will show excerpts and images from his ‘London African History Through Representation In The Capital’ documentary, a video that incredibly spans over two millennia!

It’s a participatory forum, where attendees of this online event are expected to contribute to the discussions by not only asking questions, but also by mentioning any of London’s African-related artefacts and representations that they know that are in public spaces.

May 31 2021, 6-9pm (UK) > Zoom
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