Long Nineteenth Century Symposium

Event Details

  • Event date: 04/06/2021 – 04/06/2021
  • Venue: Online
  • CFP Deadline:

Friday 4th June 2021

2pm – 7pm

In order to foster collaboration across the postgraduate community within the field of the long 19th century, this event seeks to explore some of the crossthematic research priorities at the centre of doctoral studies. Each of these three panels offer opportunities to discuss cuttingedge approaches and findings to key topics of concern during a period of immense change that continues to inspire reflection.

The following panels invite roundtable contributions from any discipline that concerns the long 19th century

  • Introduction (14:10 14:25)
  • Panel I(14:30 15:15):Place and Space in the North West
  • Break (15:15 15:25)
  • Panel II(15:25 16:10): Reading and Writing the North West
  • Break (16:10 16:20)
  • Panel III (16:20 17:05): Navigating NineteenthCentury Archives and Special Collections
  • Break (17:05 17:15)
  • Panel IV(17:15 18:00): Decolonising Methodologies in NineteenthCentury Studies
  • Break (18:00 18:10)
  • Panel V(18:10 19:00):New Approaches to Gender in the Nineteenth Century
  • Closing Remarks and Networking (19:00 19:30

Those wishing to contribute to the round-table discussions should register for the event at the Eventbrite link below. In addition to the thematic panels, a workshop, Navigating 19C Archives and Special Collections, will also take place.         www.eventbrite.com