SHS committee nominations open – EXTENDED DEADLINE: 18 May

We are seeking to appoint 3 new members of the committee, as well as a postgraduate representative, and two officers – Honorary Secretary and Communications Officer.

We are therefore inviting nominations for these positions by the EXTENDED DEADLINE of 18 May 2018.

Historians whose area of research is chronologically or geographically beyond modern Britain and historians of colour are especially encouraged to put themselves forward.

For details of the Honorary Secretary role, please click here.

For details of the Communications Officer role, please click here.

The tenure for ordinary Committee Members will be for three years and Members will be eligible for re- election on one further consecutive occasion. After ending their tenure, persons will normally be eligible to stand again for election after a gap of one year. The tenure for Postgraduate Committee Members will be for two years, after which they will be eligible for either re-election as Postgraduate Committee Members, or election as ordinary Committee Members, depending on their postgraduate status during the academic year of their re-election.

Persons shall normally be eligible for election as an Officer of the Society after a year’s membership of the Society. The Officers of the Society shall be elected for a term of office of three years, and shall be eligible for re-election to that office on one further consecutive occasion, and thereafter after a gap of two years. In order to preserve an element of continuity on the Committee, Officers of the Society shall at the end of their period of office be able to offer themselves for immediate election as ordinary Members for one further term of three years before standing down.

To submit a nomination please complete the form available here.

Once nominations have been received, information about the candidates will be circulated. Voting will be open to all members of the society from 11 May to 1 June 2018. Successful candidates will be announced at the AGM to be held during the conference at the University of Keele (11-13 June)​.

This represents a fantastic opportunity to play a significant role in shaping the future of the Society.