Research using Social Care Records

Professor Pam Cox has been invited to speak about research using social care records at a symposium at The National Archives on 6 February.

The symposium will bring together researchers from varied disciplines (including history, social work and information studies) to explore research with social care records. Professor Cox and other speakers will share their experiences of working with social care records, followed by a discussion of current legislative and regulatory frameworks; the impact of archival and recordkeeping practices; ethical approaches and approvals; participatory and action methodologies and practical limitations.

The symposium aims to generate the outline of a framework to support researchers, data controllers and the subjects of records to exercise their rights and responsibilities during the research process, and an outline research and reuse protocol that can be developed further in collaboration with The National Archives and other partners.

It is open to researchers who work with social care records in any context and at any stage in their careers. Further details can be found at