Pam Cox on Edwardian Britain

Our Chair, Professor Pam Cox, is featured in a Channel 5 history series that sheds new light on Edwardian Britain.

The two-part series Edwardian Britain in Colour provides snapshots into everyday life in the years before the First World War, concentrating on the worlds of work and leisure, as well as highlighting some of the major social struggles and debates of that time, from suffrage to Home Rule

The series uses colourised original footage. Speaking to the University of Essex, Professor Cox explained ‘The films show people enjoying public space and the extraordinary community creativity in pageants, outings, and even the making/viewing of the films themselves. It’s clear that people enjoyed being filmed and were keen to see themselves on screen’.

She believes that the addition of colour ‘brings the period to life’ by highlighting subtle changes in texture, expression and emotion that are lost in black and white footage.

Professor Cox provides some of the historical commentary that allows the footage to be seen in its social and cultural context.

The next episode airs on Saturday 23rd February at 8pm and the first is available on catch up.