Naomi Tadmor elected as SHS Chair

The Social History Society is pleased to announce that Professor Naomi Tadmor has been elected as its Chair. She will lead the society until 2022.

Professor Naomi Tadmor is a well-known historian of family and kinship, language, and practices of reading from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. She is currently completing a book on welfare and migration in England, 1660–1780. Alongside her research and teaching, Naomi is an experienced member of the SHS committee and was integral to the establishment of the SHS Book Prize in 2018.

The Social History Society is a proudly democratic association. Members elect the Chair, officers and ordinary members of the committee to represent their interests and those of the discipline of which they are part.

In response to the news, Professor Tadmor said:

I am delighted to have been elected to this role. I first joined SHS as a post-doc and am very grateful to colleagues for placing their trust in me to Chair the society for the next three years. As professor of History in Lancaster, where the SHS was established in 1976, it will be a special honour to serve the Society in this way.

Professor Pamela Cox, the outgoing chair, said:

I’m delighted that Professor Naomi Tadmor has been elected as Chair of the Social History Society. She is a distinguished early modernist with interests in many historical fields. Naomi has led the successful launch of the Society’s book prize and contributed in many other ways during her time as a committee member. I’ve very much enjoyed leading the Social History Society and hope to continue to play an active part in its work.

The Society are also pleased to announce that Dr Jennifer Evans was elected as Treasurer and Dr Daniel Grey re-elected as Committee Member. The Committee have thanked all of those who put themselves up for election.