WHN joins BME Activities and Events scheme

We are pleased to announce that the Women’s History Network has joined the BME Activities and Small Grants Scheme initiated by the Social History Society, the Economic History Society and History UK in 2019.

Maggie Andrews, Professor of Cultural History at the University of Worcester and chair of the WHN Steering Committee, has spoken to us about the decision. She said:

The Women’s History Network, an organisation for anyone with a passion for women’s history, is committed to supporting the recovery of under-represented areas of history. We are therefore delighted to support this scheme and look forward to seeing the benefits it will bring.

The Women’s History Network already awards a number of awards and grants to support women’s history and young academics working in the field. For further details see https://womenshistorynetwork.org or follow the WHN on Twitter.

The Social History Society invites other scholarly societies to join the scheme. Please contact our Honorary Secretary, Dr Georgina Brewis (g.brewis@ucl.ac.uk), if you would like to find out more. Together, we can begin to change history.