The Social History Society greatly values its postgraduate members and has a strong record of supporting postgraduate researchers through reduced membership rates and substantial postgraduate representation at its annual conference.

This year we were pleased to be able to support the important contribution of postgraduate and early-career researchers at our annual conference in three ways: conference bursaries provided by our host, and the continuation of our annual prizes for best research poster and for best paper.

Postgraduates whose papers have been accepted for the conference will be eligible to put them forward to the prize. The winning paper will be recommended for publication in the Society’s journal Cultural and Social History, subject to the usual peer review process. The winner will also receive a cash prize.

If you would like your paper to be considered for our postgraduate prize, you will need to email the full text (5,000 words max.) to the Social History Society Administrator ( by 4pm on Friday 19th April 2019.

Due to constraints on the availability of judges only the first TWENTY entries may be considered for the prize, so early submission is encouraged. Only those who have not previously entered for the prize are eligible for consideration.


Here are a few words of advice from the judges:

  • Papers should contain references in formal fashion (no prescribed style but must be consistent)
  • Length is governed by the time allocated to present the paper rather than the word length – i.e. what can be comfortably given in the specified time.  Footnotes therefore would be additional.
    It follows that the written paper should be the same length as the one delivered orally. However, we would not want to discourage spontaneous asides or examples that clarify where that is necessary in presenting the paper.  We want lively presentations, connection with the audience, and would want to discourage a mere drab reading!!


You can read previous winning papers here.