Social History Book Prize

We are seeking nominations for the Social History Society’s annual book prize. Our £1,000-prize rewards scholarship in Social History and is awarded annually by a panel of judges for the best original work published in the preceding calendar year. We are delighted to announce that this year’s panel is chaired by Professor Pat Thane and includes Professors Penny Summerfield, Phillip Schofield, and Sasha Handley.

To be eligible for consideration for the prize, the book must:

  • be at least its author’s second history book;
  • be on any subject in social history;
  • be an original and scholarly work of historical research;
  • have been published in English during the calendar year 2018 (and dated 2018) and authored a scholar or up to three scholars collaborating as co-authors, and normally resident in the United Kingdom.

The full details can be found in the call for nominations.

We have already contacted a large number of publishers for nominations. But if you have written an eligible book and would like to be considered for the prize, please do encourage your publisher to submit a copy. The deadline for applications is 15 October 2019.