Committee Election Results

The results of the Social History Society’s latest committee elections were announced at our Annual General Meeting in October.

As a society, we are proud to be led by our members and are grateful to everyone who participated in the election. This year saw an exceptionally strong field of candidates and ended in a tied result. Rather than call for a re-election, the committee agreed to co-opt an additional committee member instead.

We are delighted to confirm that Rachel Bright and Jonathan Saha have been re-elected and that Kate Bradley and June Purvis have joined the committee. Edda Nicolson has been elected as Postgraduate Representative.

Naomi Tadmor, chair of the SHS, explained that:

The committee plays a vital role in the society and I am delighted to welcome our new members. This year’s competition was especially fierce and was a striking example of our active membership. While congratulating the winners, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to put themselves forward, as well as those who have served the committee over recent years. The Social History Society is indebted to you all.

You can find out more about our committee members by visiting our ‘People’ page.