Ella Sbaraini in a second-year PhD student at the University of Cambridge. Her current work looks at the experience of feeling suicidal in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century England and Wales. Her PhD, funded by The Wolfson Foundation, seeks to be a ‘suicide history from below’ which recentres suicidal people in our historical narratives about suicide. This work engages closely with the history of the emotions, and with issues of spatiality, materiality, embodiment, gender and age.

Ella has previously worked on the history of sexuality, and this remains a keen interest of hers. Her first article, published in Cultural and Social History, examined the depiction of middle-aged women’s sexuality in eighteenth-century England.

Ella’s MPhil, funded by the AHRC, looked at the understanding and experience of suicide among the elderly in eighteenth-century England. It sought to examine why older people were so much more likely to take their own lives in this period. The results of this research are soon to be published in the Social History of Medicine.

In addition to her PhD work, Ella is running a conference on ‘Emotion, Embodiment and the Everyday, c.1500-1800’ with University of York PhD student Emma Marshall. Ella is also co-convenor of the Cambridge History of Memory and Emotions Workshop.

Key Publications